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Hi all.

As you probably have noticed I haven’t been much updating my blog lately. That’s due to many reasons like establishing my own company but mainly because I’m building a whole new website and ran into some major problems with it already months ago. Now I can announce with great confidence that it’s finally happening and this site will be fully renovated by the beginning of July. You can still find me at klauselfving.com though. Not giving away my name.




Studio Friday II

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I went to the studio by myself for a change. The objective was to shoot running water. I planned to shoot vertical but the damn tripod tilted only half-way making it impossible. So I took few steps back and I shot it like that as if it was meant to be.

And yes, I photoshopped my hand and a wire from the picture if that’s what you’re wondering.

Studio Friday I

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We went to the studio with Konsta last Friday to practice some lightning. Inspired by a Brad Trent shot of Marty Whitman featured in the Strobist blog some time ago, or more precisely the buzz caused by it in the Strobist Flickr group, we went to do this slightly modified version of the so called ’rivercop’ lightning. Mr. Trent explains the whole lightning set up in the discussion. If your into that kinda stuff that’s well worth a read.

The whole shoot will be featured in the Välähdyksiä blog some time in the future (yes, in finnish).